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Profile system WHSHalo is a joint design development companies, W. H. SMITH & SONS (EXTRUSIONS) LIMITED and BOWATER HALO, UK. The Alliance of companies involved in the development and production of PVC profile systems, is one of the leading places on the market of plastic products in the UK and Ireland.

Company W. H. SMITH&SONS (EXTRUSIONS) LIMITED and BOWATERHALO were combined into a single structure in 1996. After the discovery in 1997 of a new distribution center, MIDPOINT PARK in the West Midlands the two companies in 1998 were consolidated into one legal entity called WHSHalo.

WHSHalo today is a powerful modern trade-industrial holding company specializing in the production of window and door PVC systems, as well as in the supply of wide range of components for the market of translucent structures, including decisions on the basis of aluminum.

The entry in 2011 of an international group of companies VEKA, implemented through a friendly takeover by British subsidiaries VEKAplc, WHSHalo allowed to use for its products distribution channels available to the new shareholder. Since 2013, the relevant decisions WHSHalo will be available to manufacturers of window and door designs on the territory of the former USSR.